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DC Universe Headcanon - Superman Part 3 of 4
Full Table of Contents
Section Outline:
         B. Settings
                   3. Krypton
                             i. Destruction
                             ii. The Phantom Zone
                             iii. Significant Residents
                                       a. Jor-El (now deceased) and Lara Lor-Van (now deceased)
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DC Universe Headcanon - Superman Part 2 of 4
Full Table of Contents
Section Outline:
         B. Settings
                   1. Metropolis
                             i. History
                             ii. Metropolis Police Department
                                       a. Inspector Dan Turpin (now deceased)
                                       b. Inspector Maggie Sawyer (former resident)
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DC Universe Headcanon - Superman Part 1 of 3
Full Table of Contents
Section Outline:
II. Metropolis, Smallville, National City, and Krypton
         A. Heroes
                   1. The Superman Family
                             i. Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El
                             ii. Supergirl/Kara Kent/Kara Zor-El
                             iii. Superboy/Conner Kent/Con-El
                             iv. Power Girl/Karen Starr/Kara Zor-L (displaced from time)
:iconlambdazombie:LambdaZombie 9 2
Mature content
The Iron Heights Journal of Curtis Grove :iconlambdazombie:LambdaZombie 6 6
The Monsters We Saw. The Mess We've Become.
The Monsters We Saw.
The Mess We’ve Become.

A collection of poems
1. Our Bad Man
Wood splinters;
He kicks the door down.
He loves a grand entrance.
Twenty-four eyes all turn to peer
at the grin on his face,
not the blood on his hands.
We’ve never known the love of caring, decent people.
Most men look through us,
at the walls or the floors.
Or the checks. Or the cash.
They talk in small words
if they talk to us at all.
He’s different. Or, he at least seems it.
He makes an effort for us. Or makes it appear so.
He comes to see us. At least, when he has the time.
He pretends to love me. But he pretends well.
He is a bad man. Even the youngest of us can see.
But really, who cares when good men aren’t around?
2. Tightrope
The tightrope is taut
and rings are ablaze.
Lions bare their teeth below,
the beasts starved for days.
The ringmaster booms
muscles tense and bulge.
Lurking, lurching, and looming
mere inches from your spine.
Gut quake
:iconlambdazombie:LambdaZombie 2 3
Red Lantern: Acrimoni :iconlambdazombie:LambdaZombie 7 16 AT: Ulysses STILL Owns the Zone... :iconlambdazombie:LambdaZombie 7 9 AT: Prison Buddies :iconlambdazombie:LambdaZombie 5 10 Scrapped Costume Idea: Claw :iconlambdazombie:LambdaZombie 5 13
Crimson Twilight - Chapter Two
Crimson Twilight
A DC Comics fanfiction
Chapter Two: Light Show
       ‘YOU BELONG TO THE RED LANTERN CORPS’ the red ring bellowed in a metallic, alien growl. Moments ago, it had been the shape and size of a normal ring. But as it approached Mikhail Walker’s deformed claw of a hand, the ring had expanded to perfectly fit on the upper half of his pincer.
       Mikhail hadn’t been sure what to expect upon accepting on the alien object, nor was he capable of understanding why a Blue Lantern, his childhood friend, and his former doctor all suddenly stood before him in his Arkham cell.
       But he wasn’t interested in understanding. He didn’t know what all of this meant. All he knew was pain – the agony that had nuzzled its way into his heart and was slowly tearing at him from within his chest. A pain that began the second the orderly had stopped breathing. The second Mik
:iconlambdazombie:LambdaZombie 1 2
Practically Sisters :iconlambdazombie:LambdaZombie 4 8 Pleasant Daydreams :iconlambdazombie:LambdaZombie 7 12
Tea Shop Showdown
Tea Shop Showdown
A DC Universe Oneshot
         A static gurgle hummed from the car’s dispatch for a few seconds before the message began. "Calling units to the Mad Tea Shop, off Jerome Drive and Crowley Avenue. Pick-up required for an 11-4. Suspect has been detained by vigilante activity. He’s awaiting transport to Arkham. Any nearby units respond. Over."
         The voice faded and a moment later the static silenced as well.
         Officer Carl Montez leaned back coolly in the driver’s seat with one hand on the steering wheel and one hanging loosely out the squad car window. He turned to his partner in the passenger’s seat and flashed a toothy grin. “We’re pretty close, ain’t we, Dallas? Wanna go check it out?”
         The other officer nearly winced, but quickly caught himself. He still hadn’t completely gotten
:iconlambdazombie:LambdaZombie 4 4
Crimson Twilight - Chapter One
Crimson Twilight
A DC Comics fanfiction
Chapter One: What Ever Happened to Mikhail Walker?
         On the desert surface of the planet Ysmault, a vast ocean of blood suddenly stilled its ebbs and flows. A silence enveloped the magic liquid, and the planet was calm. But only for a moment. Something stirred within the depths. The blood began to boil, hot bubbles rising to the surface of the red sea, practically igniting the surrounding air in a fiery napalm.
         A half-dozen small object shot out of the ocean surface, careening into the air like bullets. They rose up into the sky, burning as hot as the ocean from which they rose, until they broke through the Ysmault atmosphere, and came to a sudden stop in the space above. Red rings, all topped with an ancient emblem. The symbol of the Red Lantern Corps.
         The rings rotated in the empty space, settling on its direction before shooting off int
:iconlambdazombie:LambdaZombie 5 8
Divided We Stand - Chapter One
Divided We Stand
A Lost Girls DC Comics FanFiction
Chapter One: Vodun
         ‘This is a waste of our time,’ an icy, phantom voice whispered into her ear.
         ‘Begin to make amends for these forsaken two weeks.’ A second voice hissed. ‘Rid the world of these worthless bitches and resume your quest.’
         Maria LaVeau did her best to ignore the spirits. She’d made a promise to herself upon joining the Lost Girls. No longer would she be a puppet for spirits of the dead, nor for her own delusions. Whichever it was. She was a Lost Girl now. Her own woman. She would never again dignify these damned voices with a response. That was her way of taking her power back.
         …She had only hoped that after two weeks of being ignored, they would finally leave her alone.
:iconlambdazombie:LambdaZombie 5 16
DC Universe Headcanon - Gotham City Part 2 of 3
DC Universe Table of Contents -
*** It is strongly recommended that any page of the Headcanon be viewed with the Table of Contents for easier navigation
Gotham City Headcanon Part 1 of 3
Gotham Part 1 (Settings) -
Gotham Part 2 (Heroes and Anti-Heroes) - Here
Gotham Part 3 (Villains) - Coming Soon
WARNING: There may be spoilers for some comic book events that are relatively recent. If there is a character that you are not up-to-date on reading and that you plan to read about someday, I suggest not reading that character's section.
----- B. Heroes and Anti-Heroes
----- ----- 1. The Wayne Bat-Family – originally consisting of just Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth, the Bat-Family has evolved a great deal over the years. The Bat-Family is Bruce’s personal arm
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A handy guide to my DC Universe characters and literature. Will be updated frequently as more information is revealed.

Note 1: These are Character Summaries, NOT Character Bios. They’re intended to be a brief means of acquainting a reader with the character, but are not comprehensive histories. In fact, I may update them and make them even shorter, as I went a bit overboard with some of them length-wise.
Note 2: “Recommended Reading” sections for each character do not list all the appearances of a given character in writings, but only literature in which said character is very prominently featured. A complete “Recommended Reading Order” will be listed after character bios.
Note 3: All writing pieces are NEW READER FRIENDLY. Obviously, much of the literature would benefit from the context of other writings, but I have endeavored to make sure that everything can stand on its own as an individual written work.

I. The Juvenile Gang (now disbanded)

[Note: The Juvenile Gang and all its members are the joint property of DerbyMask and myself. Each character’s development has been devised and written as a collaborative effort between the two of us.]
A group of ten teenagers kidnapped from Pinkney Orphanage by Harley Quinn as a gift for the Joker. Harley spent three weeks training each of the orphans, helping each of them to develop a unique persona and combative style, before introducing them to the Joker. She intended for the Joker and herself to be pseudo-parents, and for the Juvenile Gang to be their “children” and side-kicks. Unfortunately, the Joker never really took much of an interest in the Juvenile Gang. The group remained together for one year, occasionally assisting the Joker in his antics and occasionally creating their own (mis)adventures. The Juvenile Gang disbanded when the Joker opened fire on the children in order to distract Batman during a chase, fatally injuring the youngest member: Pop. The children have since parted ways, all traumatized and set on different paths. Despite the Joker’s ambivalence towards them, many of the children viewed the clown as a father figure – for some, the only father they had ever known. And as such, almost all of the children now hold a deep resentment for the Joker.
The Juvenile Gang by LambdaZombie Batman: Juvenile Gang by DerbyMask

1. Mikhail Walker / Claw

The taciturn second-youngest member of the Juvenile Gang, at twelve years old when the group formed. Mikhail was born with a rare physical deformity known as ectrodacyly. Each of his hands has only three fingers, two of which are fused together at their top to resemble a pincer or a claw. Mikhail is well known for his standoffish, bitter personality and for his fiery temper. When the Juvenile Gang formed, Mikhail was the only child who refused to wear a costume, declaring the idea “stupid” and resolving to only wear his signature red hoodie as a uniform. Mikhail is very small, but very fast and crafty. His fighting style generally consists of misdirection and a series of quick jabs. It was during his time with the Juvenile Gang that Mikhail met Bonefyre, a pyrokinetic teenager who he quickly developed a crush on and with whom he would spend a lot of his time. Though Claw never admitted it aloud, he grew to love the Joker and Harley just like most of the other kids, viewing them as the first and only family the orphan boy ever known. Out of all the children, Mikhail was hit most hard by the Joker’s betrayal, and pushed away everybody in his life – including Empath and Bonefyre – as a result. Mikhail lived alone for two years, broken and wandering Gotham aimlessly, until one day he turned himself into the police and was sent to Arkham. It was there that the boy decided that he needed to move on with his life. And to do so, he would need to kill the Joker. After several sessions with Docor Charlie Nadler, Mikhail escaped his handcuffs and made his first attempt on the Joker’s life. But in a blind rage, Mikhail committed his first murder, mistakenly killing an Arkham orderly in the Joker’s place. A month later, a Red Lantern ring – fueled by the emotions of rage and hatred – made its way to Mikhail. The boy accepted the ring and became a Red Lantern. He was stripped of his mind, driven insane by the unbridled rage of the Red Light. Mikhail is currently little more than a feral animal. He holds great power but is driven only by instinct and rage.
AT - Red Lantern Claw by Yoru-the-Rogue Red Lantern Member Claw by DerbyMask Contest Entry: Heliconia by LambdaZombie HUGGLES FOR CLAW by Yoru-the-Rogue Birthday Gift : My way or highway ! by GrimesGen Scrapped Costume Idea: Claw by LambdaZombie Scribble - Claw and Boneyfyre by DerbyMask Happy Birthday, Phil by DerbyMask
Recommended Reading: Claw Chs. 1-6, A Juvenile Christmas, Crimson Twilight Chs. 1-2

2. James Lange / Empath

The only member of the Juvenile Gang with a superhuman ability. Since birth, James has been unable to communicate by conventional means. He cannot talk, write, or utilize any organized form of signing. The only way that James can express himself is through a sort of “charades” by acting out his meaning. However, in spite of this inability to communicate, James possesses the ability to share the emotions of any nearby entity. James can literally feel exactly what somebody else is feeling. This gift is a limited form of telepathy (as sometime James can also read a stray thought or see a stray image if it is tied to a strong emotion), but usually James can only feel the emotions of others and not the sources of the emotions. Mikhail was James’ roommate in Pinkney Orphanage, and the younger boy is James’ closest friend. Unlike the majority of the Juvenile Gang, James despises the Joker and Harley. His ability made him aware very early on just how little the two clowns actually cared about the orphans. In spite of this, James loved the other members of the Juvenile Gang. They were his family, especially Mikhail. And when the group split up, James attempted to reassemble his family in a different form, but to no avail. For two years, James silently followed the former members of the Juvenile Gang, watching over each of them without their knowledge and helping them whenever possible. Also during this time, he met Erin Knightly and began working part-time at the Mad Tea Shop. But two years after the Juvenile Gang’s disbandment, Mikhail received his Red Lantern ring, and James allied himself with Blue Lantern Nuriyah Basir. He immediately dedicated himself to saving his friend from the ring’s power.
Batman OC: Empath by The-Vodun Empath and Erin Having a Teaparty by DerbyMask Juvenile Gang: Empath by DerbyMask Pleasant Daydreams by LambdaZombie Happy Birthday, Phil - The Sanes by DerbyMask James Lange and Mikhail Walker by DerbyMask
Recommended Reading: Claw Ch. 1, Empathizing, Crimson Twilight Chs. 1-2

3. Emma Pyre / Singe

The bandage-covered fire-breather of the Juvenile Gang. Emma’s entire body is covered in severe burns – some acquired from a house fire in her youth, and most acquired during the young girl’s training with Harley Quinn before the Juvenile Gang was introduced to the Joker. Emma is the most level-headed and responsible member of the Juvenile Gang. She held no love to the Joker or Harley, and was never for a minute seduced by their insanity. The sole reason that Emma stayed with the group was Olga. Emma has harbored secret feeling for Olga since the two were children in Pinkney Orphanage, but was always too ashamed to admit these feelings even to herself. After the Juvenile Gang’s break-up, Olga rejected Emma, calling her a dyke. Emma was crushed and spent a great deal of time lost in a deep depression. Eventually, she met Jokerette and the Lost Girls – a group of women (former) criminals who allied to protect one another – and joined their ranks. Emma eventually reencountered Olga, now involved with the alien bounty hunter Lobo. Emma was injured in a conflict between the two of them, and was once again insulted and rejected by Olga. From this point, all of Emma’s love and rationality turned into hatred and insanity. The fire-breather is currently far more dangerous and irrational than she once was, and has dedicated her life to killing her former crush. The Emma of today would likely be unrecognizable to the kind, level-headed Emma of her youth.
AT: Before the Burn by LambdaZombie Singe and Henchy by DerbyMask Happy birthday, Phil - Singe by DerbyMask AT - 80s Karaoke Night by Yoru-the-Rogue Martian Burn by LambdaZombie Olga Turner and Emily Pyre as Kids by DerbyMask Batman: Singe is discussing with The Lost Girls by DerbyMask Singey and Henchy, woo by DerbyMask Crackship: SingexHenchy by DerbyMask
Recommended Reading: Assault on the Teen Titans, Bastiche Bounty

4. Lance Faust / Joust

The former the heir to the Faust family fortune. Lance’s parents died under mysterious circumstances when he was a pre-teen and his wealth was taken from him. With no surviving relatives or friends, Lance was sent to the Pinkney Orphanage without a cent to his name. As part of the Juvenile Gang, Lance took the name Joust and clad himself in a knight’s armor. He is a skilled fencer and lancer, and was taught by Harley to ride a unicycle proficiently during combat. Lance is an entitled brat who believes himself to be better than his fellow Juvenile Gang brethren by virtue of his birth to a wealthy family. It is his personal mission to reacquire the vast wealth that was stolen from him, and he seeks to do so through petty theft. He was the second-oldest member of the Juvenile Gang, and was disliked by most of the other children because of his superior attitude. He was, however, secretly fond of Pop. The younger boy idolized Lance and followed him everywhere both before and after the Juvenile Gang formed. And though Lance feigned distain for the child, he secretly appreciated the friendship the two shared. After Pop was shot by the Joker, Lance was the first person to leave the Juvenile Gang. He hasn’t been seen since.
Joust and Pop by DerbyMask  AT - It's All Fun And Games... by Yoru-the-Rogue
Recommended Reading: Under the Armor

5. Jimmy Tucker / Pop

The youngest member of the Juvenile Gang, at eight years old when the group formed. Jimmy was born in Metropolis to two scientists who worked at a LexCorp subsidiary’s laboratory. Jimmy learned some pretty advanced science from his parents at an early age, including how to create bombs. But after his parents were killed in a laboratory explosion, Jimmy was sent to Pinkney Orphanage in Gotham. As a member of the Juvenile Gang, Pop suspended himself in the air with carnival balloons and dropped assorted bombs on unsuspecting enemies. Jimmy was significantly younger than the other members of the gang, and was much more naïve. He viewed most of the gang’s antics as a game. Pop idolized Joust and had a close friendship with Wallace the Apeboy, who had a similar mentality to the young boy. Pop was shot by the Joker as an attempt to distract Batman. This incident resulted in the breakup of the Juvenile Gang. Pop was rushed to a hospital by Batman. He has since disappeared from the hospital and has not been seen since.
Joust and Pop by DerbyMask DC-Comics - A little part of JG by DerbyMask
Recommended Reading: Under the Armor

6. Kiara Grove / Spear (formerly) / Muerta

One half of the sinister Reaper Twins. Along with Tristan Pfah, Curtis and Kiara were the worst bullies in Pinkney Orphanage. And joining the Juvenile Gang onto served to increase the twin’s bloodlust and misanthropy. The twins became murderers under Harley’s and the Joker’s tutelage, and were without a doubt the most brutal members of the Juvenile Gang. The twins enjoyed toying with their prey and would often fill their dialogue with various puns about blood and death. After the Juvenile Gang’s disbandment, Kiara, Curtis, and Olga were the only three members to stay with the Joker. But after a few weeks, Curtis, too, left the Joker. Kiara followed shortly after. The two wandered the Gotham streets, looking for some sort of purpose. They attempted to ally with their childhood friend, Tristan Pfah, but were rejected. They lived in poverty until Curtis renounced his Sickle persona and left Gotham. Kiara resented her brother’s decision to abandon her, believing that the Reaper Twins were legendary murderers and that he shouldn’t abandon the names they'd created for themselves. Kiara met a mercenary, Ghost / Kean Mustang, only hours after her brother left and quickly decided that he was her soulmate…not knowing or caring that he was gay and did reciprocate her feelings. Kiara is at her core a bully, and believes that force is the only way to gain respect and to achieve her goals. Currently, Kiara often finds herself stalking Kean and his sister Kaina, attempting to bully him into loving her. Kiara is asthmatic, and this often gets in the way of her combative altercations.
Spear's Daydreaming by DerbyMask Practically Sisters by LambdaZombie A Ghost in the Night
A Ghost in the Night
A DC Universe oneshot
         Kean Mustang sat atop a nearby building and peered through the grimy window of a standard Gotham Bowery apartment. Even through his binoculars, it was hard to see through the disgustingly dirt-covered glass. The mercenary could just barely make out the silhouette of his prey: Francis Sanders, a data analyst and computer technician, formerly under the employ of mobster Rupert Thorn.  That is, until he killed his partner and fled with the information needed to access millions of his employer’s dollars from offshore accounts. Naturally, Thorn didn’t take very kindly to this. And that is where Kean came in, hired as the mercenary Ghost, to retrieve the stolen information and to dispose of Sanders.
         Unfortunately for Ghost, the mission hadn’t been as quick as he’d expected it to be. He’d been watching Sanders’ apartment for nearly fo

Recommended Reading: A Ghost in the Night

7. Curtis Grove / Sickle (formerly)

One half of the sinister Reaper Twins. Along with Tristan Pfah, Curtis and Kiara were the worst bullies in Pinkney Orphanage. And joining the Juvenile Gang onto served to increase the twin’s bloodlust and misanthropy. The twins became murderers under Harley’s and the Joker’s tutelage, and were without a doubt the most brutal members of the Juvenile Gang. The twins enjoyed toying with their prey and would often fill their dialogue with various puns about blood and death. After the Juvenile Gang’s disbandment, Kiara, Curtis, and Olga were the only three members to stay with the Joker. But after a few weeks, Curtis, too, left him. Kiara followed shortly after. The two wandered the Gotham streets, looking for some sort of purpose. They attempted to ally with their childhood friend, Tristan Pfah, but were rejected. After a few months, Curtis grew tired of his weary, purposeless life and renounced his murderous past. He does not repent his actions, but he feels that he has outgrown the persona and wants to have a life off of the streets and outside of Arkham and Blackgate. He asked Kiara to join them so they could start a normal life somewhere else, but Kiara rejected him and clung to her identity as Spear. Curtis left Gotham and made his way to Star City, where he was quickly apprehended by Speedy/Thea Dearden, tried as an adult, and sent to Iron Heights Penitentiary. At this point, all Curtis wants is a peaceful life somewhere that he will never feel cold or hungry again.
Juvenile Gang: Spear and Sickle by DerbyMask   AT: Prison Buddies by LambdaZombie
Recommended Reading: A Ghost in the Night, The Iron Heights Journal of Curtis Grove

8. Willie Goob / Tubs

A play on the “fat clown” stereotype. Even long before the formation of the Juvenile Gang, Willie was rumored to have a taste for human flesh. [Additional information redacted for spoilers; more to be added after Lost Appetite is completed]. Willie is perhaps the least intelligent member of the Juvenile Gang. He has a dark sense of humor, but is not necessarily a dark or sinister person. Although he would very much rather be feared than loved.
Juvenile Gang: Tubs and Slick by DerbyMask DC-Comics - A little part of JG by DerbyMask
Recommended Reading: Lost Appetite [Coming Soon]

9. Colton West / Slick (formerly) / Officer Cole Dallas

The oldest member of the Juvenile Gang, at seventeen years old when the group formed. Colton grey up a huge fan of Western movies, and always dreamed of becoming a sharpshooting hero like his legendary idols, Clint Eastwood and Jonah Hex. When the group of orphans was assembled, Colton became Slick, the gun-totting cowboy clown of the Juvenile Gang. However, unlike many of his comrades, Colton abhorred violence and death. And though he was enamored by the Joker and Harley, he always harbored a deep guilt for contributing to the gang’s criminal activities, and sought to avoid harming people wherever possible. After the group’s disbandment, Colton acquired a new identity as Cole Dallas, and quickly worked his way through the Gotham Police Academy. He is currently a GCPD officer secretly attempting to make up for the crimes he committed as Slick.
AT: Slick by The-Resident-Jinx  Juvenile Gang: Tubs and Slick by DerbyMask DC-Comics - A little part of JG by DerbyMask
Recommended Reading: Tea Shop Showdown

10. Olga Turner / Henchy (formerly)

[Note: Olga is NOT my OC; Olga was created exclusively by DerbyMask and is included in this list only to show the complete roster of the former Juvenile Gang]
In many ways, the “star” (or mascot, as some would argue) of the Juvenile Gang. While the Joker never cared for any of the children, Olga was very clearly Harley Quinn’s favorite of the group and was the girl that the jester spent the most time grooming into a criminal. Olga is remarkably mischievous and irresponsible, even moreso than the other members of the group. She was long-time friends with Singe (Emma Pyre) until the Juvenile Gang’s disbandment, at which point Olga renounced Emma for her lesbian crush on her. Olga stayed with the Joker for a few months even after the rest of the group left him, but eventually was admitted to Arkham and forced to come to terms with the fact that her “Uncle Joker” did not actually care about her. Olga has since shaved the majority of her head into a Mohawk. Olga is currently being tormented by the alien, Ratpack, an invisible being that fed on her insanity, and has developed a rivalry/bizarre relationship with the alien bounty hunter, Lobo.
Batman: Olga 'Henchy' Turner Profile by DerbyMask OLD WORK: Princess Henchy by DerbyMask Henchy in Color by DerbyMask Olga 'Henchy' Turner sketches by DerbyMask LobOlga on Adventure: Find that Damn Alien! by DerbyMask

11. Wallace the Apeboy

[Note: Wallace is NOT my OC; Wallace was created exclusively by DerbyMask and is included in this list only to show the complete roster of the former Juvenile Gang]
The eleventh member of the Juvenile Gang, added a few months after the group’s formation. Wallace is a chimpanzee used by an underground Metropolis laboratory for controversial experimentation. And though the experiments did increase the ape’s intelligence, it only gave him limited developmental capabilities equivalent to a human ten year old and failed to increase his physical prowess. Wallace was forced to fight other cased animals until his escape, when he was found and briefly held as a pet by Agnes Sangfru. He escaped once again and joined the Juvenile Gang as a “sidekick” to Henchy. After the gang broke up, Wallace was once again captured by Agnes and held captive as her pet and bodyguard. Wallace is an innocent, kind-hearted creature who prefers to avoid violence and conflict. He can speak, but lacks extensive vocabulary and grammatical knowledge.
Batman: Wallace the Apeboy Profile by DerbyMask Wallace the Apeboy by DerbyMask OLD WORK: Claw, Wallace and Henchy by DerbyMask JG: Clawy, celebra- woah! Batman! by DerbyMask

II. Other DC characters

1. Acrimoni

Coming soon.
Red Lantern: Acrimoni by LambdaZombie
Recommended Reading: Crimson Twilight Ch. 3 [Coming Soon]

2. Maria LaVeau / Vodun

A former seamstress turned serial killer. Maria suffers from avoidant personality disorder and acute schizophrenic delusions. She hears voices in her mind that claim to be voodoo spirits. These voices encourage Maria to ask as a predatory “messiah”, ridding the world of the weak and unworthy. With each murder she commits, Vodun fashions a voodoo doll in the victim’s image and performs a ritual which she believes tethers the deceased’s soul to the doll. She was captured by Batwoman a few months into her first killing spree, and sent to Arkham. She spent two years in the asylum being tormented by Ratpack, an invisible being that fed on her madness. Eventually, she escaped Arkham and stumbled across the Lost Girls, a group of women (former) criminals who allied to protect one another. Maria allied herself with the Lost Girls and resolved to ignore the spirits’ voices for as long as she can, not wanting to a be a puppet any longer. Vodun is physically strong, but not intelligent. She is easily manipulated and emotionally fragile. And hard as she may try to ignore the voices, it is only a matter of time before she will find herself at their mercy once again. Interestingly, although the voices are considered by most to be mere delusions of Maria’s sick mind, she has on rare occasion displayed a knowledge and foresight of events that should couldn’t have possibly known on her own, leading some to speculate that the voices could be more than simple delusions.
Batman OC: Vodun by The-Vodun Vodun in the Rain by The-Vodun OLD WORK: Vodun the Dodun by DerbyMask :thumb387191655: AT - Vodun by DerbyMask Bat-Kick to the Face by LambdaZombie Gotham Girls: Vodun by Jennisms
Recommended Reading: Lost Girl Found, Divided We Stand

3. Oph’idian / Serpentine

[Much of her history is redacted for spoilers and will be revealed in future writings]. An Atlantean sub-species and enemy of Aquaman and Mera. Oph’idian was a victim of harsh discrimination while living in Atlantis and lived a troubled childhood as a result. After she accidentally injured another Atlantean child, Oph’idian was forced to flee Atlantis and spent over a decade in solitude. Oph’idian has since resurfaced and declared a personal war on humans and Atlanteans. She especially resents Aquaman as a product of the two species she hates. Oph’idian is sentient, but animalistic. Her lengthy solitude has taught her to rely heavily on instinct. Though Oph’idian despises humans, she is secretly fascinated by their creations and hoards any human-made objects she can find.
Request: Serpentine by DerbyMask Aquaman OC: Serpentine Sketches by LambdaZombie
Recommended Reading: Rising Serpent [Coming Soon-ish]

4. Doctor Charlie Nadler

An Arkham Asylum doctor. Nadler has only recently moved to Gotham City, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting mixed up in a whole lot of craziness. During his stint as a doctor, Nadler oversaw two former members of the Juvenile Gang: Mikhail Walker and Olga Turner. Both of these patients eventually escaped (the former acquiring his Red Lantern ring to do so, and the latter being unintentionally broken out of the Asylum by Lobo). Nadler is a kindhearted man who truly wants to help his patients, especially the younger ones who still have time to rebuild their lives. Nadler despises the use of criminal aliases by doctors and the Gotham media, as he believes that it only facilitates patients’ madness, and only refers to asylum patients by their given names. Nadler’s kind nature has often put him at odds with Doctor Jeremiah Arkham, who has recently threatened to fire Nadler.
Batman: Nadler VS Ratpack by DerbyMask B.B and the poor Doctor Nadler by DerbyMask Poor Dr. Nadler by DerbyMask
Recommended Reading: Claw Ch.s 2-6, Crimson Twilight Chs. 1-2

5. Chikago Kimiko

[Note: Chikago is the joint creation of DerbyMask and myself]
Coming soon.
Recommended Reading: Lost Appetite [Coming Soon]

Recommended Reading Order:
Note 1: All literature is NEW READER FRIENDLY. This is only a suggested reading order if one wanted to read all literature concerning my characters, but any given work should stand on its own as an individual story. And you definitely wouldn't have to read everything to keep up with my characters. If you wanted to skip to the most current work, you could simply start Crimson Twilight (*cough* my greatest story *cough*).
Note 2: Any work with an (M) falls under the category of “Misadventures of the Juvenile Gang”. These are short stories that take place during the time that the Juvenile Gang was together and serve to characterize each of the children and to show the group dynamic before the gang’s disbandment.
Note 3: Most of this reading order is subjective. A lot of oneshot pieces are completely independent of other stories (including the chapter stories) and thus it doesn’t matter when they are read. My order is mostly based on chronology, but don’t worry about following it strictly.
Note 4: Items with a * after are some of my personal favorites. I'll try to be very picky in my selection of these.
- Claw Chapter 1: Facing Facts *
- Claw Chapter 2: Introducing the Juvenile Gang!
- Under the Armor (M)
- Claw Chapter 3: Doctor to Patient
Storming the Iceberg Lounge (M)
- Empathizing *
- Claw Chapter 4: Bonefyre
- Lost Appetite (M) [Coming Soon]
- Assault on the Teen Titans (M)
- Claw Chapter 5: What Ever Happened to the Juvenile Gang? *
- A Ghost in the Night
- A Juvenile Christmas *
- Claw Chapter 6: Seeing Red
- Lost Girl Found
- Bastiche Bounty
- Divided We Stand *
- Tea Shop Showdown
- The Iron Heights Journal of Curtis Grove
- Crimson Twilight Chapter 1: What Ever Happened to Mikhail Walker? *
- Crimson Twilight Chapter 2: Light Show
- Crimson Twilight Chapter 3: On Bloodied Wings [Coming Soon]



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